7.14.18~Chapter Ride to Harpers Ferry

Changes to Harpers Ferry Ride of 7.14.18:
Leave time is 8:30am.
Admission to Harpers Ferry is $10 per motorcycle.


Road Captain:  Bob Sheaffer

Sweep:  Dan Hyde

Meet at AH-D: 8:00

Depart:  8:30

Ride Route:  https://maps.harley-davidson.com/map/rides/lBT3HyJgP/preview

Saddle Up Challenge Miles: 93

AMR Points:  5 available

Harpers Ferry:  https://www.nps.gov/hafe/index.htm

Since this is a National Park, there is a fee of $10 per motorcycle

Lunch/Dinner:  at Harpers Ferry

Event Date: 

Saturday, July 14, 2018 - 8:00am